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Chronic Kidney Disease(CKD) Stage 3 Treatment

A proper Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3 Treatment may reverse patients’ kidney damage and improve their overall health.

3 Tips Help Proteinuria In CKD 3 Stage Stop To CKD 5

In fact, Kidney Disease, like diabetes and hypertension, is a chronic disease. Its pathogenesis is complex and its diagnosis is difficult. It can be controlled by drug treatment. It will not pose a great threat to life and health. Most patie...

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Chinese Herbal Medicines Reduce Creatinine 245 In Stage 3 Kidney Failure Naturally

Creatinine is a small molecule substance. Creatinine produced in the body is filtered through the glomeruli and excreted with urine. But if the kidney has problems, creatinine can not be discharged properly, and the accumulation in the body ...

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How To Stop Creatinine 4.3 In CKD 3 To End Stage Renal Disease

Creatinine 4.3 indicates that the severity of the kidney is very serious. It must be treated promptly and effectively. Otherwise, the kidney will continue to develop and eventually develop to the late stage of uremia and the scarring stage o...

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Creatinine 2.1 In Chronic Kidney Disease, Should I Be Concerned .

Hi, doctor, i am 53 years old, high blood pressure, creatinine 2.1, chronic kidney disease, should i be concerned? Following this article to get the answer, or you can consult ONLINE DOCTOR directly in free. ...

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Can Creatinine 2.7 In Stage 3 Kidney Failure Be Cured With Chinese Herbal Medicines

Creatinine 2.7 is higher than normal range that means your kidney has been damaged, all kidney failure patients want to reduce creatinine 2.7, and they all eager to know can it be cured with chinese herbal medicines. Following this article t...

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Natural Treatments Treat Creatinine 3.23 In Stage 3 Kidney Failure

Creatinine 3.23 means that you are in stage 3 kidney failure, GFR is less than 50%. Symptoms of kidney disease will be controlled by western medicines. More and more patients consult ONLINE DOCTOR that what are the natural treatments to trea...

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How Can I Recover Renal Function With Kidney Disease In Stage 3

Hello, doctor. I'm In Phase 3 of Renal Disease. And I have swelling and severe proteinuria. How can I Recover renal function? Following this article to get the answer, or you can consult ONLINE DOCTOR directly in free. ...

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How To Treat Inflammation In Chronic Kidney Disease

It has two types of swelling (edema), which are the local edema and generalized edema, excessive Fluid Retention in the clearance or body Cavity. As one of the most common symptoms of kidney disease, it often appeared in the early stage....

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Is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Suitable For All Stage 3 Kidney Disease Patients

I'm a patient of Kidney Disease and the doctor said that my illness has come to Stage 3 Kidney Disease. They told me that Soon will be subjected to dialysis, but I do not want to take dialysis. I heard that Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy...

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Stage 3 Renal Failure Avoid Dialysis For A Longer Life

"Many patients with renal failure feel back pain, edema, vomiting and High creatinine. Yes, my father is 48 years old, he is on Dialysis twice a week...

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