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Homed Remedies Must Be Known By Chronic Nephritis

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2018-09-30 11:32

Chronic Nephritis,Homed Remedies1. Regular visits to the hospital. Chronic glomerulonephritis is a chronic disease, the course of disease lingering, not three to five days of recovery, so regular follow-up to understand their condition is very necessary, and to keep a good record of their own.

2. Try to avoid all kinds of unfavorable factors, such as fatigue, colds, diarrhea, strenuous exercise, etc., because these unfavorable factors will aggravate the disease, and even make a stable illness suddenly turn straight; at the same time, once sick, especially when using antibiotics, more cautious, to tell the doctor that he is a kidney patient, In this way, doctors should avoid using kidney damaging drugs whenever possible.

3. Insist on taking medicine. For example, all kinds of antihypertensive drugs and lipid-lowering drugs include special drugs prescribed by specialists. The damage to the kidneys caused by missing medications, especially antihypertensives, is not felt for a short time, but scientific research has shown that high blood pressure is the "first killer" of kidney damage. Of course, the abuse of drugs or improper medication will also increase the burden of the kidneys.

4. Reasonable diet. Avoid high salt, high fat, a large number of high protein diet, because these will increase the burden on the kidneys; under the guidance of a doctor, diet therapy can regulate immunity, enhance physique, prevent disease recurrence, conducive to the recovery of the disease, or even twice the result with half the effort.

5. Self psychological adjustment. Social pressure, the burden of life, disease entanglement will bring us tremendous psychological pressure, depression, pessimism will only aggravate the illness. Therefore, we should use all kinds of conditions to adjust our psychological balance, keep optimistic and cheerful mood, and even go to a psychologist if necessary.

6. Moderate physical exercise. Vigorous, high-intensity exercise will increase the burden of the kidneys, resulting in increased albuminuria, hematuria or relapse of the disease; however, in the recovery period of the disease to exercise can improve the body's immunity, for the rehabilitation of the disease is very beneficial.

7. Maintain the correct position. It is not suitable for sitting, standing for a long time, or even staying up late playing cards. The kidney is the largest in the supine position of the human body, so proper proper bed rest is also advantageous.

8. Pay attention to self health care. Good hygiene habits not only make us physically and mentally happy, but also can avoid some infectious and infectious diseases.


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