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Chronic Nephritis Signs and Symptoms

Here we offer the overall introduction about symptoms of Chronic Nephritis and hope it is helpful for you to know well about this disease.

What Are The Symptoms Of Chronic Nephritis In Children

What are the symptoms of nephritis in children? Although nephritis is not a serious disease, but for children, their own resistance is relatively low, so, children's parents should be very attention, although the early symptoms of children n...

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Toxin-Removing Treatment Deals with Nephritis with Proteinuria 8g

The Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine is a specialized kidney disease hospital that can radically treat Chronic Nephritis, Proteinuria, Edema, and hematuria. Well then, how does Toxin-Removing Treatment deal with ...

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Is There Any Medicine to Remedy Proteinuria with Chronic Nephritis

Generally speaking, Proteinuria often appears in Chronic Nephritis. However, is there any medicine to remedy proteinuria with chronic nephritis effectively without relapse again and again?...

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Proteinuria 3+ Turns to 1+: Chinese Toxin-Removing Treatment for Nephritis

A Chronic Nephritis patient who comes from Bangladesh. For getting more effective treatment, she and her families come to China accepting systemic Chinese Toxin-Removing Treatment....

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Toxin-Removing Treatment for High Creatinine Level in Kidney Failure

At the beginning, Mr. Long had Chronic Glomerular Nephritis, but due to the delayed treatment, the condition developed into Kidney Failure. For getting effective remedy, he came to our hospital for Toxin-Removing Treatment....

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A Letter of Thanks for Regaining Health and Happiness

Sometimes, have a healthy body is just a desire for some people. There is an Oman patient with Chronic Glomerular Nephritis. She has Proteinuria for ten years. After taking Toxin-Removing Therapy of our hospital, she had obvious improvement....

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Does Nephritis Cause Pain

The frequency and high harmfulness of Nephritis in modern society, more and more people pay attention to this disease and want to lean more about the symptoms of Nephritis and avoid the renal lesions as soon as possible. ...

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The Symptoms of Purpura Nephritis in Its Early Time

Henoch-Schönlein purpura is a disease of the skin and other organs that most commonly affects children. In a small proportion of cases, the kidney involvement proceeds to chronic kidney disease,namely Purpura Nephritis....

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Chronic Nephritis & Loss of Appetite

Most of patients with Chronic Nephritis felt that they were always no appetite or did not want to eat foods. Here the article can help you get more information about the relation between Chronic Nephritis and inappetence. ...

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Why I Was Diagnosed with High Blood Pressure in Chronic Nephritis

Many patients with Chronic Nephritis may face one common problem-- their uncontrollable high blood pressure. I want you know more about your kidney disease to choose a more suitable therapy to treat your disease condition. ...

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