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Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine also shows great effects in treating kidney disease. Here we will introduce several Chinese medicines that can improve kidney condition.

Is There Necessary for Patients Who Have Controlled Creatinine Well by Medicine to Take Treatment

Is there necessary for patients who have controlled Creatinine well by medicine to take treatment? Creatinine is formed by kidney damage, which is the mainly reason for all kinds of kidney problem. For kidney disease patients, most of them t...

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Can Medicated Foot Bath Therapy Help Patients to Reduce High Creatinine and Repair Kidney Damage

Can Medicated Foot Bath Therapy help patients to Reduce High Creatinine and Repair Kidney Damage? Foot bath is a very common health practices for people in daily. It can help people keep health is due that there are so many acupuncture point...

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Is There a Necessary to Pay More Attention on Kidney Infection for Kidney Disease Patients

Is there a necessary to pay more attention on Kidney Infection for Kidney Disease patients? For most people with kidney disease, they do not always care about the problem which is not really severe at present. But they have forgot that kidne...

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Is There a Necessary for Nephritis Patients to Improve Kidney Function

Is there a necessary for Nephritis patients to Improve Kidney Function? Nephritis as a kind of common kidney problem which is a kind of not severe kidney disease. Due to that, most people think there is not need to worry about it, while as a...

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What Treatment Can be Natural Treatment for CKD Patients in Nowadays

What treatment can be Natural Treatment for CKD patients in nowadays? Consider about the side effects of dialysis that more and more patients prefer to choose natural treatment with little side effects treat for CKD and use it to avoid dialy...

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What Will be the Best Choice for Patients to Reduce Creatinine 5.9

What will be the best choice for patients to Reduce Creatinine 5.9? First, we have to clarify that reduce creatinine 5.9 is not only means for decrease it down to the normal range, it needs to find out the real reason for patients to control...

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Use Chinese Medicine Therapy to Treat Purpura Nephriti Effective

Purpura Nephritis as one of autoimmune disease or kidney disease, it is really hard for patients to choose best way to control the condition well. It is closely related with immune system, because common treatment can not repair immune syste...

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What Treatment Can Help Early Stage of CKD Patients Have a Revers for Their Illness Condition

What treatment can help Early Stage of CKD patients have a Reverse for their illness condition? CKD is not so terrible as people think. In most time we said that chronic disease can not be cured in most time. But as a matter of fact, not all...

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Is That Possible to Reduce Creatinine More Than 500 in Natural Way or Treatment

Is that possible to Reduce Creatinine more than 500 in Natural Way or Treatment? Common way or treatment for reducing creatinine more than 500 in most countries is dialysis. While in our hospital we do not prefer to recommend dialysis for pa...

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Can Micro-Chinese Medicine Control Occult Blood Well to Avoid Dialysis

Can Micro-Chinese Medicine control Occult Blood well to Avoid Dialysis? Occult blood is a not easy to find in most time, only when people take the special test that can be found. But once it was found that means the illness condition of this...

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