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Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine also shows great effects in treating kidney disease. Here we will introduce several Chinese medicines that can improve kidney condition.

Is It A Worrying Level Of Creatinine 1.4 for Kidney Disease

People with chronic kidney disease often hear their doctors or nurses talk about creatinine. It is really important for people to worry about that due to the importance of it....

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What Should be the Best Herb Treatment For Protein In Urine

Protein in the urine also called as proteinuria, it is always an early symptom for kidney disease patients, which means the kidneys has been damaged....

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Can High Creatinine 7.8 Avoid Dialysis with TCM

Hi, doctor. I am a Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patient with a creatinine of 7.8. i just wanna ask if I need to undergo dialysis. I hope you can help me....

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Creatinin 10 Do Not Want to Take Dialysis: Is That Possible

Creatinine 10 do not want to take Dialysis: is that possible? Yes, if you do not want to take dialysis, we can help you to deal with this kind of problem with different treatment....

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How to Restore Kidney Function for Patients with 5 Years Dialysis

As a matter of fact, 5 years dialysis do not means you have no chance for your disease. That should be consider about your illness condition....

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How to Reduce Creatinine Level and Improve Kidney Function at the Same Time

As a matter of fact, high creatinine level have closely relationship with kidney function. Improve them at the same time is possible....

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Can Diabetic Children Treated by Chinese Medicine Treatment

Children with diabetes is also happened on some family. It is really hard for them to find the treatment which do not have so many damage on the children. But we can treat children with different way in our hospital....

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How to Repair Kidney Function for Patients with Creatinine 2.2

Strictly speaking, Creatinine 2.2 is not very high creatinine level for patients, the damage on kidneys is not very severe at present. So that we are not recommend dialysis for patients....

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Can Dialysis Patients Use Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a kind of Chinese medicine treatment for all kinds of kidney disease. And it can be used for dialysis patients too. ...

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How to Reduce the Damage of Children Nephritis on Children

It is a big problem if children with any disease. That is due to their development is not completely yet. Common hormone treatment will have great damage on them in the future. Now Chinese Medicine can help them. ...

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