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Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine also shows great effects in treating kidney disease. Here we will introduce several Chinese medicines that can improve kidney condition.

How Does Toxin-Removing Therapy Treat Kidney Disease in China

According to 30 years of history, our hospital in China creates Toxin-Removing Therapy for Chronic Kidney Disease. The following are some details about this therapy and its curative effects for patients. ...

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Toxin-Removing Therapy for Kidney Failure Patients

Increasing patients with Kidney Failure are looking for alternative of dialysis or Kidney Transplant. Toxin-Removing Therapy as an effective treatment will be a good choice for you. If you are interested in this therapy, you can consult ONLI...

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What Does Occult Blood +++ Mean in Urine Report

Occult blood in urine report means the presence of red blood cells in urine, also called hematuria. Why occult blood appears in urine? What does occult blood +++ mean?...

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What Is Blood Pollution Therapy and Where Is It Done

Do you hear Blood Pollution Therapy? To be frankly, it is also called Toxin-Removing Therapy that removes the toxins and wastes out of the body and helps improve Kidney Function....

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Only Take Medicine Can Not Overcome Kidney Disease

Is it possible to overcome Chronic Kidney Disease only by medicine? As a matter of fact, Kidney Disease is hard to cure, thus not take medicine can overcome kidney disease, but take systemic treatments....

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What Chinese Herbal Medicine Can Regulate Creatinine

High Creatinine Level is a dangerous sign for Kidney Disease patients. Nowadays, increasing patients are interested in Chinese Herbal Medicine to treat Kidney Diseases. However, what Chinese Herbal Medicine can regulate Creatinine Level?...

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Can a Person Get Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy in Canada

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has been given great recognition by thousands of patients from more than 70 countries. Thus, more and more patients want to know how to get it. There is a patient asked, can a person get Micro-Chinese Medic...

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Creatinine 6.6: Can I Have A Better Treatment without Dialysis

There is a patient which from America, he told us his test report showed that Creatinine 6.6 now, doctor recommeded him to take dialysis. " Can I have a better treatment without dialysis?"...

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How Does Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Reduce High Creatinine Level

The normal range of creatinine level is 0.5-1.3mg/dL. High creatinine level caused by kidney disease should be decreased by repairing kidney tissues and improving kidney function. What kind of treatment can do that? ...

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What Can be the Most Powerful Way for Decreasing Creatinine

I can tell you with responsibility, Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital can help you find the most powerful treatment for high creatinine level....

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