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Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine also shows great effects in treating kidney disease. Here we will introduce several Chinese medicines that can improve kidney condition.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, High Creatinine Level 150

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is widely used to treat kidney disease and High Creatinine Level. How does it lower down High Creatinine level 150 to normal? Please go on reading....

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How to Avail the Micro Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for Treating CKD

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a perfect combination of TCM and advanced technology, which becomes very popular to treat Chronic Kidney Disease with external application. Most patients wonder how to avail this therapy?...

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What to Do to Lower My Creatinine Level 650

It is a troubled problem for CKD patients that they experience elevated Creatinine Level always. For High Creatinine Level 650, what to do to lower it? Kidney Dialysis or conservative therapy?...

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Who Can Take Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy in CKD

my uncle is suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease and doctor has recommended for the Dialysis. Sir I came to know about the Osmotherapy so I want you to tell me about the conditions on who can take the treatment....

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How Do I Get Chinese Medicated Foot Bath Therapy

With the international development, Traditional Chinese Medicines are becoming more and more popular. Growing foreign patients with Kidney Disease want to try. Well then, how do get Chinese Medicated Foot Bath Therapy?...

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How Does Toxin-Removing Treatment Improve Renal Function in CKD

With the damaged kidney and declined renal function (GFR), majority of people with Chronic Kidney Disease wonder to take an effective therapy to improve renal function. Toxin-Removing Treatment is suggested to you....

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What Is the Specialty of Toxin-Removing Treatment for Kidney

"Sir, I am interested in Chinese herbs and know about Toxin-Removing Treatment. I want to know what your specialty for kidney is.” This is a message asked to our free ONLINE DOCTOR. If you also interested in TCM treatment, please go on rea...

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Unique Toxin-Removing Treatment: Refractory Proteinuria, Edema in CKD

Edema and Proteinuria are the major two clinical manifestations of CKD. I believe there must be many CKD patients have edema and proteinuria that is refractory and is difficult to be treated. Unique Toxin-Removing Treatment is invented to th...

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How Does Chinese Toxin-Removing Treatment Function

Increasing numbers of CKD patients are interested in Chinese medicine, especially the systemic Toxin-Removing Treatment. Well then, how does it function?...

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How Can I Get This Toxin-Removing Treatment in Nigeria

Frankly, it does not spread to abroad. Up to now, Medical Tourism is booming as patients look abroad for effective and natural treatment, often combined with a holiday afterwards. China is another choice for you if no effective therapy in yo...

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