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Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine also shows great effects in treating kidney disease. Here we will introduce several Chinese medicines that can improve kidney condition.

How’s Chinese Medicine Treatments Different from Dialysis

Most patients with High Creatinine Level received dialysis, however it seems like dialysis is not effective. So increasing patients seek for help to TCM. How’s Chinese medicine treatments different from Kidney Dialysis?...

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Which Chinese Medicine Therapy Do You Recommend to Lower Creatinine 4.7

High Creatinine Level is an important sign of kidney damage. When patients have chronic kidney disease, creatinine levels and protein will increase. Quite a number of patients wonder which Chinese medicine therapy can be recommended to lower...

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What Chinese Medicine Therapy Can Treat CKD

Chronic Kidney Disease is an intractable kidney disease with a slow progression. It will cause many dangerous complications along with the deterioration of CKD. Most patients would like to take natural remedies. What Chinese medicine therapy...

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How Do Chinese Herbal Treatments Correct Kidney Failure

GFR, known as glomerular filtration rate, is an indicator of kidney functioning. When GFR level ranges from 15ml/min to 30ml/min, it shows you are in stage 4 CKD (Kidney Failure). How do Chinese herbal treatments correct kidney failure?...

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Creatinine Level 5.5 and Urea 194, What Can CKD Patients Do

My sister her cretanine level now is 5.5 and urea is 194 and she has a serious infection what can she do ?” Do you have the same problem? If yes, please follow us to get more details...

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Which Therapy Is Favorable to Reduce Creatinine Level 6.59

When patients' creatinine report showed it was 6.59mg/dl, common therapy – ketosteril would be given. But most patients reflect that there is deficiency in reducing creatinine levels. Which therapy is favorable to reduce creatinine level 6...

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Natural Way to Lower Down High Creatinine 6.7 No Dialysis

Is there any natural way to lower down High Creatinine Level 6.7 no dialysis? Do you have the similar problem to lower down creatinine level and avoid Kidney Dialysis? If so, this article may be helpful for you....

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How Does Toxin-Removing Treatment Reduce High Creatinine

As patients’ creatinine level reaches to a certain level, they may be required Kidney Dialysis. But it fails to achieve their desired effect and patients often suffer from various complications. Here we introduce Toxin-Removing Treatment t...

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Can CKD Patients Apply Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy in Home

“I am a CKD patient and my two kidneys are shrunken. I am interested in Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. I want to know can I apply it in home by myself? Please I need your help.”...

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Where Is Your Hospital, How Much Does TCM Treatment Cost for Creatinine 652

Do you have any doubt about this similar question: where is your hospital? How much does your TCM treatment cost to lower High Creatinine Level 652? Follow us and you will find the answer....

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