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Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine also shows great effects in treating kidney disease. Here we will introduce several Chinese medicines that can improve kidney condition.

Is There Any Alternative Treatment or Medicine of Dialysis for Patients with Dialysis Now

Is there any Alternative Treatment or Medicine of Dialysis for patients with Dialysis now? Once patients with kidney problems that dialysis seems to be the necessary treatment for them. We should know that dialysis is the most effective and ...

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How to Restore Kidney Function for Patients with Renal Insufficiency

How to Restore Kidney Function for patients with Renal Insufficiency? It is common to see that people are likely to treat Renal Insufficiency same as Kidney Failure. While as a matter of fact, kidney failure can be the later development of R...

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How to Alleviate Joint Pain Due to CKD Effectively

How to alleviate Joint Pain due to CKD effectively? Most patients have no idea about why CKD or other kidney diseases can cause to joint pain. The most common symptoms of CKD are blood urine, proteinuria in urine and so on. Joint pain is not...

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How to Reduce High BUN Effectively before Patients Take Dialysis

How to reduce High BUN effectively before patients take Dialysis? BUN( Blood Urea Nitrogen) is the same as Serum Creatinine Level which is the most direct factor to reflect the truly kidney function. It is also can not over the normal level ...

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Why Alport Syndrome Is Hard to Control with Common Treatments

Why Alport Syndrome is hard to control with common treatments? Patients with Alport Syndrome should know that the complexity and injury of this disease. It is not only have bad influence on kidney, it will impact on so many functions of huma...

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Is There Any Other Way to Reduce High Creatinine Level 468 Except Dialysis

Is there any other way to reduce High Creatinine Level 468 except Dialysis? Dialysis for High Creatinine Level seems to be the best choice for patients with Kidney Disease. While people do not understand why they need to take dialysis for re...

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What Are the Natural Treatments For Kidney Disease Which Can Help to Avoid Dialysis

Dialysis is not the only way for patients with kidney disease. Through years of clinical trials and research that there are many kinds of different treatments for kidney disease now. It is not only about the western medicine and treatments b...

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How Does Chinese Medicine Therapies Reduce The High Creatinine Level

How does Chinese Medicine Therapies reduce the High Creatinine Level? In common scene, most people only know that creatinine level increase is harmful to human body, that they need to depend on dialysis treatment to reduce creatinine values....

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How to Help Patients with Creatinine 569 to Find Alternative Treatment to Dialysis

How to help patients with Creatinine 569 to find alternative treatment to dialysis? The mainly reason for patients want to reduce the creatinine 569 urgent is that this creatinine level is really high compare to normal level. According to th...

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Is Micro-Chinese Medicine Hot Compress Therapy Helpful for Treating Kidney Failure Avoid Dialysis

There seems no choice for patients with kidney failure except Dialysis. Kidney damage will cause so many kidney function can not work anymore, there will lots of toxins and waste saved up in blood or human body. So that dialysis has become i...

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