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Q:How Can I Get Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy


A:Nowadays, increasing patients with Kidney Disease want to treat their illness condition with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. And we often receive the same message. Before tell you how to get this therapy, you need to know its functions f...

Q:Creatinine 9 in CKD Stage 5: What We Have to Do No Dialysis


A:Hi, my mother is a CKD stage 5 patient with High Creatinine Level 9. What we have to do to reduce it to normal? The reason of High Creatinine Level is the damaged kidney intrinsic cells....

Q:Should I Start Dialysis with Creatinine 6.2 and GFR 10%


A:Q: Recently I was told that my Creatinine increased to 6.2, and GFR declined to 10%. Should I start Kidney Dialysis?...

Q:Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for CKD Stage 3 Patient with Creatinine1.2 and GFR 54


A:Q: I was diagnosed with CKD stage 3, and my Creatinine is 1.2 and GFR is 54. I have high blood pressure which is controlled by medicines. I want to know how Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy treats my condition....

Q:How Does Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Help Improve GFR 35


A:“My Glomerlular Filtration Rate (GFR) is 35, I am interested in Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, and how does it help improve my GFR 35?”...

Q:I Am on Dialysis, but Creatinine Level is Still High: How to Do


A:“I am a Kidney Failure patient on Kidney Dialysis, but my Creatinine level still is high, stay at 8.6, how to do?”...

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