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Q:IgA Nephropathy: Is There Any Natural Remedy to Improve Kidney Function


A:If the condition can not be controlled well in IgA Nephropathy, it will develop Kidney Failure within several years. A systemic treatment which can help save kidney function and adjust immune system seems to be efficient....

Q:How Can I Get Toxin-Removing Therapy in Malaysia


A:so far, there is no effective method to treat Kidney Disease with western medicines. They only can relieve some symptoms or complications in short time, which more and more kidney disease patients recognize and seek for alternative treatment...

Q:Will Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Help Kidney Failure on Dialysis


A:Hi, I have Kidney Failure been on Kidney Dialysis for 3 years with less urine output for 3 years. Will Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy help me?...

Q:Can Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy treat PKD


A:Yes, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can treat PKD. Our hospital recommends Osmotherapy for PKD because this therapy can help shrink Kidney Cyst and improve renal function fundamentally. Growing PKD patients come to our hospital for this ...

Q:How Does ESRD Develop without Any Symptom


A:The End Stage Renal Disease is the end result of Kidney Disease deterioration. “I never have Acute Kidney Failure, how does it deteriorate to ESRD?” “I have no symptom before, recently I feel discomfort, and how does it become ESRD?”...

Q:How Can I Get Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy in USA


A:“How can I get Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy in USA?” The same question has been asked so many times. If you are also looking for the answer, you can go on reading....

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