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Q:Treatment for Disorder of Proteinuria in Nephrotic Syndrome


A:I have a disorder of Proteinuria in Nephrotic Syndrome and I have gone for treatment thrice but still there is no change. Please advice....

Q:The Differences of PKD and Renal Cyst and Diagnosis


A:Actually, Renal Cyst (includes multiple) is different with Polycystic Kidney Disease. However, what are the differences of PKD and renal cyst?...

Q:Any More Treatments without Dialysis for Creatinine 8.5


A:My father is suffering from High Creatinine Level 8.5 and he is not interested in Kidney Dialysis. Are there any more treatments without dialysis?...

Q:Can I Order Your Toxin-Removing Therapy in Australia


A:“Hello, doctor. Can I order your Toxin-Removing Therapy in Australia?” With the development of globalization, majority patients have asked about similar questions. But we have no branch in other countries at present. ...

Q:Toxin-Removing Treatment: Creatinine Level 584 in Kidney Failure


A:Q: Dr, my High Creatinine Level is 584, and the doctor said I am in Kidney Failure. What should I do? What does that mean for me?...

Q:Timely and Efficient Treatment for Stage 3 CKD


A:Q: Good morning doctor. I am aged about 45 yrs. Recently I came to know that I am ailing with CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease). I was told that it in stage 3, but I don't have any obvious symptoms. Please suggest me. Creatinine level is 3.17. ...

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