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Q:What Herbs Medicines Should I Take to Improve GFR


A:What herbals Medicine should I take to improve my glumerular filtration rate (GFR)? Ok, please do not worry. Improving glomerular filtration rate should focus on repairing kidney lesion and control the symptoms that damage kidney....

Q:Serum Creatinine Level Is 3.2, Is It Dangerous and Treatment


A:If the Serum Creatinine Level is 3.2, is it dangerous? How can reduce the serum creatinine? If you want to reduce the serum creatinine, you have to take action to repair the damaged kidney and improve renal function....

Q:Is There another Alternative Other Than Kidney Dialysis


A:Is there another alternative other than Kidney Dialysis? My dad has stage 3 CKD. Dr. want to do dialysis and just give some idea of what else we can do....

Q:Is Osmotherapy Available in Philippines


A:Sir, I want to know is Osmotherapy available in Philippines? My mother in law is the patient, but she never been in Kidney Dialysis. She doesn’t want operation too....

Q:How Can We Reduce Creatinine and Urea Level without Dialysis


A:How can we reduce Creatinine and Urea level without Dialysis? We are observing water input and output to avoid Swelling. Need to know ways to keep him stable on medicines....

Q:How to Treat Long Term of Proteinuria and Creatinine 4.3


A:My father is suffering from Proteinuria. Recently, the creatinine level has increased to 4.3. The doctor is telling us to go for Kidney Dialysis, but I doubt in him. Do you have any suggestions? Does High Creatinine Level have direct influen...

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