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Q:Any Remedy to Lower Creatinine 8: Toxin-Removing Treatment


A:My Creatinine is 8, blood urea is 210, hemoglobin 8, and I don’t want to go for Kidney Dialysis...Any remedy with only medicine?...

Q:Did Metformin Cause Kidney Disease, Its Treatment


A:Hey, I was taking metformin and ended up with kidney disease. I don’t take it anymore. It scares me. Did the metformin cause the disorder? The doctor said that my kidneys are getting weak....

Q:If Kidney Functions Can Improve with Right Food


A:Please honestly tell me if kidney functions can improve with the right food? Frankly, right food and healthy lifestyle can help to prevent your illness condition from deterioration, but they fail to improve renal function. You still need to ...

Q:Treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome Patient Facing Hair Fall


A:Hello, I am suffering from Nephrotic Syndrome and now I am facing hair fall. Please help. I have protein in urine. Little bit of swelling in ankle and eyes. ...

Q:Is It Possible to Get Your Treatment in Bangladesh


A:I am from Bangladesh. Is it possible to get your treatment in Bangladesh? My father’s Creatinine level is 6.4.Is it possible to bring his High Creatinine Level to normal?...

Q:Tell Me the Other Way to Lower the Creatinine 6.3 no Dialysis


A:My mother both kidneys have shrunk so tell me the solution and also her Cretanine is increasing. Tell me the other way to lower the High Creatinine Level 6.3 no dialysis....

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