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Q:New Kidney Failed Again after 3 Years, High Creatinine 950


A:Hi, I had a Kidney Transplant in 2010, it failed in 2013, went back on Dialysis since then and had less urine since then. Will Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy help me? High Creatinine Level 950 and GFR 11....

Q:Diabetes and Kidney Failure with High Creatinine Level


A:Can TCM treatments treat Kidney Failure that functioning 13% only.My mother is Diabetic patient and she is suffering from Failure due to High Creatinine Level in her kidney.I found you Toxin-Removing Therapy, so I want to know can it help us...

Q:Guide Me What Should Do for High Creatinine Level 6.9


A:I have a question for you DOCTOR. My father is a kidney patient with High Creatinine Level 6.9 and urea level 169. He is Diabetic patient with high blood pressure. Please guide me what should I do. Thanks....

Q:Is Dialysis the Only Option for PKD Patients


A:I need help in understanding about Kidney Failure. My brother is said to start Dialysis tomorrow because he has Polycystic Kidney Disease. He is very afraid. Is dialysis the only option left now?...

Q:Can Acupuncture Therapy Help Serum Creatinine 6


A:Serum Creatinine 6, how Acupuncture Therapy can help? I also have Diabetes since 20 years. Can it help High Creatinine Level? ...

Q:Creatinine 650 and Kidney Damage by High Blood Pressure


A:I have Creatinine level 650 and Kidney Damage is caused by high blood pressure. Can you help me to solve this problem naturally?...

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