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Q:Alternative of Dialysis for Lowering Creatinine Level 5.5 in Diabetic Nephropathy


A:I am a patient with Diabetic Nephtopathy, and my Creatinine Level is 5.5 mg/dl. In addition, I have swelling in ankles. What does creatinine level 5.5 mean? Can you tell me how to lower it without Dialysis? I really do not want to take dialy...

Q:Is There Any Advice That You Can Offer Regarding Nausea in Chinese Medicine


A:Q: I am 60 years old. I suffered Kidney Damage in July this year induced by the use of cardiac medication, predominantly ACE inhibitors, which I had taken since suffering a heart attack in 2008. I continue to experience nausea most days. Is ...

Q:What Can Reduce Creatinine Other Than The Conventional Dialysis


A:Is there any other choice to reduce creatinine level other than the conventional dialysis tool to save time for dialysis?...

Q:How Can 4th Stage CKD with Creatinine 3.1 Avoid Dialysis


A:I am in 4th stage CKD. My creatinine level is 3.1. How can I avoid dialysis? I do not want to relay on it for myself....

Q:Is It Advisable for Creatinine 363 to Do Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy


A:I am Dianna from Malaysia. My dad creatinine level is 363. We are worried about the creatinine level will keep on increasing, it is advisable for us to do the osmotherapy or is there any other ways? Can you advise?...

Q:Can Patient with Creatinine 10 Stop Dialysis by Using Chinese Medicine


A:Creatinine more than 10 is a dangerous station for people with kidney disease. It is common to see that doctors recommend dialysis for them and most of them are on dialysis now. If they do not want dialysis, can it be stopped?...

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