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Q:How Do You Help My Daughter in Kidney Failure on Dialysis


A:Q: My 12-years-old daughter goes into Kidney Failure due to Lupus Nephritis, she is on her Dialysis, how do you help?...

Q:Can You Help Us Get off Dialysis and Control Diarrhea


A:Q: Hello, my question is for my dad who is on hemodialysis 3 days a week. I read the info that is posted on this. He is very bothered by the flatulence that comes with this diarrhea. Can you help us get off Kidney Dialysis and control the di...

Q:What Is a Good Treatment for FSGS without Dialysis


A:Hi, I am looking for a good treatment without Dialysis for my son who has FSGS. I need your help....

Q:How Does High Creatinine Reduce Using Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy


A:For High Creatinine Level, there are other options to reduce it apart from Kidney Dialysis, such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. How does High Creatinine Level reduce using the therapy? Call for ONLINE DOCTOR for free....

Q:Alternative of Dialysis for Diabetic Nephropathy with Creatinine 6.1


A:Q: “My mother is 66 years old, a diabetic patient since 25 years. High Creatnine Level is 6.1 and urea level is 118. Doctors have recommended Dialysis. What can be done to avoid dialysis?”...

Q:What Natural Remedy Can I Use for Swelling in CKD


A:“My creatinine is 2.8. I take a lot of prescription medicines. What Natural Remedy can I use, if any? I’m a 61 years old female. I have foamy urine, Swelling and uncontrollable trips to the bathroom. These symptoms become worse and worse...

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