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Q:Does My Mom Need Dialysis with High Creatinine 560


A:My mom had her blood analysis showing 560 high in creatinine. Does she need dialysis? We are urgent to make a decision, please help us to give your professional suggestion or how about your Chinese medicine treatment?...

Q:Is There Any Better Treatment Way for Creatinine 5.24 on Dialysis


A: “I am doing dialysis now, and my creatinine level is still high with 5.24. Is there any better treatment way to reduce my High Creatinine Level 5.24 radically?”...

Q:Nature Way to Treat Kidney Failure with Edema in Feet Aside From Dialysis


A:I have a concern about my mother. She has Kidney Failure and her feet now was getting big just like full of water inside the feet. Is their any natural way to cure it aside from doing Dialysis? Thank you for your response very much appreciat...

Q:Stage 4 Kidney Failure: Improve Kidney Function and Avoid Dialysis


A:Hi, I have a question. My mom is 65 and has stage 4 Kidney Failure due to Diabetes and anemia. I have read that she can improve her kidney function and avoid Dialysis or a transplant through medications changes. She wants to live a healthy l...

Q:Is There Any Other Option Not to Undergo Hemodialysis


A:“Is there any other option not to undergo hemodialysis? My father has a High Creatinine Level, yesterday was 6.1 and his potassium is also high. The doctor said need to Hemodialysis to release them, but his body is weak, aside from it, he ...

Q:Does Creatinine Level 4.5 Need Kidney Dialysis


A:Elevation of Creatinine level is one of symptoms of CKD. When people get Creatinine 4.5, does it need Kidney Dialysis? I do believe kidney disease patients must concern about the treatment of High Creatinine Level. Please go on reading or co...

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