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Acupuncture and Kidney Disease


What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine therapy, which has been practiced in China for thousands of years. It is to penetrate the skin with thin needles to stimulate certain point on the body. Traditional Chinese medicine explains it as a therapy for balancing the flow of energy, known as qi through channels or meridians by stimulating these specific acupuncture points.
Recently, it has become increasing popular in the western countries as a therapy for pain and several chronic disorders difficult to manage with conventional treatments.

What are the curative effect of Acupuncture on kidney disease?

According to traditional Chinese medicine, disease is generally caused by imbalance of yin, yang, qi, blood etc. The meridian system is responsible for transporting these substance. When needles are inserted into the body, the circulation of qi and blood will improve and the block of meridians will disappear, so that the disease will be treated.
The reason why some people get kidney disease is also because the imbalance of yin, yang, qi, blood etc.
From the information above, we can know that Acupuncture can improve the blood circulation so as to increase blood flow to the kidneys. The condition of renal ischemia and hypoxia in the kidney will be improved along with the supply of enough blood, oxygen and nutritions. They can prevent further kidney damage, repair the damaged renal tissues and recover renal functions.
Specifically speaking, Acupuncture can treat many symptoms of kidney disease.
- Acupuncture can deal with kidney stone. With needles at certain meridians for several minutes, ureters will dilate so that the stone can be discharged into the bladder.
- Acupuncture can alleviate back pain, which is common in the kidney disease patients. Because the needles can stimulate the brain to release endorphins which can relieve the feeling of pain.
- Acupuncture can control high blood pressure by blocking beta-acceptor of sympathetic nerve and by stimulating adrenaline-angiotensin system.
- Acupuncture can also help alleviate other kidney disease symptoms, such as insomnia, anemia, nausea, poor appetite and so on.

What are the risks of Acupuncture?

- Reused needles could expose you to infection.
- If you have a bleeding disorder, acupuncture may be dangerous.
- There may be bleeding, bruising and soreness at the insertion sites.
If you have a competent and certified acupuncture practitioner, the risks of acupuncture are low.

Can Acupuncture cure kidney disease?

The answer is no. Acupuncture is just a supplementary means. It is more effective when combined with other treatments like medications. If you want to reverse your kidney damage, you may need to take some other medical therapy with doctor's guidance.


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